mVault75: Safe and Scalable Media Archive

For management of media assets and archives, Sourceit offers mVault75. It is a high-density storage system with expandable abilities. When used in tandem with mRaid16, it provides top-notch performance with extreme reliability.

mVault75 has a reduced footprint with higher density and capacity. When operated with mRAID16 it can be increased to 6PB archiving. Furthermore, it frees up the online network of shared storage to be put in use for other work on deadline. Content that is rarely utilised can be safely stored in mVault75.

The storage system tenders a fast and easy way to accessing important content when compared with offline storage methods. Instead of being an alternate to offsite tapes for long term, it is an additional support system. For all post-production firms, mVault75 is an essential element to delivering quick workflows.

Advantages of mVault75

  • Easy management of content repositories
  • Supports the present online flow of work
  • Bridges the divide between offline archives kept for long term and online storage
  • More effective cost wise than a primary online storage

Crucial Features

  • Economical capacity for scaling
  • Disk speed capability for near-line
  • A 4U space in 750TB gives high density
  • 6GB/s SAS linking to host system

Key Features

  • High density – 750TB in 4U rack space
  • Near-line capacity at “disk speed”
  • Quad 6Gb/s SAS connection to host system
  • Cost-effective scalable capacity

Technical Specifications


  • 750TB in 4U rack
  • 75 top loading 3.5″ hard drives
  • Use as expansion with mRAID16


  • Quad 6Gb/s SAS 1/0 connections

Power and Cooling

  • Dual redundant 800W power supplies
  • Operating humidity: 10% to 90%
  • Dual redundant cooling modules
  • Power: 100V/220V AC
  • Operating temperature: 5 °C to 40 °C

Management and Monitoring

  • Managed by mRAID16 ActiveManager

Weight and Dimensions

  • Dimension 6.9″x17.6″x31.1″
  • System weight: 235 lbs.

Front View

Rear View

Secure Your Storage!

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Configurations 600TB Expansion
Overall Capacity* 750TB
Hard Drive Module Hot swappable 10TB NL-SAS
Connectivity Quad 6Gb/s SAS
Power and Cooling Redundant hot swappable
Rack Mounting Kit Included

* usable capacity will vary depending on drive configuration and RAID level.