mVault: Safe and Scalable Media Archive

mVault is a complementary solution to off-site, long-term tape. It is essential in broadcast productions of today because they demand asset reuseand rapid delivery. Sourceit’smVault keeps your precious content safe, secure and completely accessible at all times. It is created to fulfil the requirements of media companies and augmented to be employed along with mRAID systems.

It utilises an easy to use management suite that makes performance excellent and always reliable. It has higher density yet a lesser footprint which makes it more cost-friendly than other main online storage solutions.

Active has been working hard to address this problem, and the answer is mVault. mVault, as part of the mMedia platform, can help you maintain a good mix of fast on-line storage, and rapidly accessible near-line archive. How can mVault do this? Quite simply, mVault becomes the content repository for media assets and the content repository that complements your current on-line workflow, bridging between on-line and long-term, off-line tape archive.

Even in archive mVault provide disk performance

Sourceit understands that creating media and then broadcasting is evolving. It means archive requirements are also transforming. Adding another “ad-hoc” storage to the main network is not an efficient answer today. Assets are growing, resolutions are getting higher and formats are multiplying. As a result, primary storages are getting harder to manage which leads to reduction in performance. Plus, the integrity of workflows is being compromised that affects deliverables. mVault solves all these issues.

It not only provides online storage at high velocities by rapid access to archive in near-line. It does so by emulating a bridge. mVault covers the divide between online archive and offline tape archive by creating a content repository. This repository of your media assets balances your present workflow.

Fantastic Performance & Ability:

  1. Lesser operating cost
  2. Supports seamless workflow when used along with mRAID and vSAN
  3. Utilise in tandem with offsite and long-term storage solution as it supplements vaulting to tape
  4. Manage mVault through native OS X or iOS viewer remotely and virtually from anywhere in the planet.
  5. Can scale petabytes of content archive in near-line.
  6. Frees up online shared storage so that work that is on demand can be handled better or finished within deadline
  7. Keeps rarely used content in a safe and secure disk
  8. Allow access to every vital asset speedier and more comfortable

Operating and creating media archives with mVault is a straightforward procedur. For those who already utilise mRAID, adding on mVault is even simpler. All it takes is some clicks of a mouse.

We urge you to contact us, if you are searching for a new deployment. Sourceit would be happy to discuss details and propose a configuration that is optimal for you.

Vital Features

  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • High Density (240TB in 4U)
  • Dual SAS Connection to host at 6GB/s
  • SATA hard drives at 6GB/s that offer highest capacity and reliable speed

Key Features

  • High density – 240TB in 4U of rack Space
  • Near-line capacity at “disk speeds”
  • Cost-effective scalable capacity
  • Dual 6Gb/s SAS connection to host system

Technical Specifications


  • 180TB in 4U
  • 228TB in 7U when used with ActiveRAID or mRAID


  • Dual Redundant 6Gb SAS Controllers to Host System
  • For use with mRAID or ActiveRAID systems

Power and Cooling

  • Dual Redundant Power / Cooling Systems

Management and Monitoring

  • Managed by Active Storage rich client management tools

Weight and Dimensions

  • Loaded system weight: 215lbs
  • System depth in rack 36”*
  • Auto-sensing power 90-240V
  • Maximum continuous power 1200W at 120V
  • Thermal Profile: 4300 BTU/hr

* Requires 24”-28” rack rail spacing

Secure Your Storage!

Ushering A Wave Of Change In Storage Solutions! Source It Makes Sources Matter And Videos Secure!


Configurations 180TB SATA III Expansion 240TB SATA III Expansion
Overall Capacity †† 180TB Expansion System 240TB Expansion System
Hard Drive Modules Hot swap 3TB 64MB Cache Hot swap 4TB 64MB Cache
Controller Type & Spec I/O Module 6Gb/s SAS I/O Module 6Gb/s SAS
Power & Cooling Redundant hot swap power / cooling modules Redundant hot swap power / cooling modules
Rack Mounting Kit Included Included

†† usable capacity will vary depending on drive configuration and RAID level.

Mmedia is much more than a Collection of Components, It’s a Complete Media Creation Storage Platform that Stores and Manages Content from Ingest to Archive