mRAID16+: All-in-one high performance massively scalable 4K/8K video storage with integrated shared SAN file system

An all-in-one storage system mRaid16+ by Sourceit is simple to use and has high performance ability. It has been created to meet head on the challenges of broadcast industry. The system can keep up with the infrastructure demands of post-production storage.

Even the most burdened media workflows can work seamlessly with mRaid16+ due to its SAN system. Integrated within the hypervisor, the SAN file system doesn’t require separate hardware. Scalable with ability to support 4K and 8K videos, the product doesn’t demand complicated configurations, expensive additional servers or extra cabling.

4K & 8K Supported Architecture

mRaid16+ by Sourceit was created to aid video streams of 4K and 8K in their uncompressed forms.

An in-depth understanding of how media operations flow, the storage system is perfect for this field.

Offered with the system are dual controllers. They come in normal configurations that offer an output of above 6GB/s.

If needed, it can be scaled up to a throughput of 20GB/s using multiple controllers. It is the apt essential storage system for all media workflows.

Advanced Software

A RAID kernel design and hyper converged structure makes mRaid16+ unbeatable in the system software.

  • Logical volumes are split from physical hard drive.
  • Disk space is divided into tinier data blocks.
  • Blocks can be employed to build RAID groups.
  • A fine-tuned resource management capability.
  • The latest and ground-breaking technology allows for better performance, higher utilisation of space, increased velocity of disk reconstruction and mechanical load balancing.

Built In File System

Sourceit’s mRAID16+ is simple to install and service as it has an integrated file system. The shared system is specifically created for:

  • editing of videos
  • Capture on-set for prompt dailies
  • Media education facilities
  • It provides a media-focused workflow with data life cycle management tools and project organisation.

Storage System Elements

  • Power on and off with single stroke for every enclosure.

  • ID assignments are automatic.

  • Reliable architecture with hyper convergence.

  • Enterprise performance.

  • Virtualised block kernel design that can be used for finetuning.

  • Drive roaming with dynamic capacity and expansion capability.

  • Minimal noise of cooling system.

  • Energy efficient power system.

  • 100% certainty of no data loss due to cache backed by battery.

  • Automatic load balance of controllers.

Post Production Workflow

Secure Your Storage!

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  • Extremely reliable with enterprise level performance without any complications.
  • Supports Linux, Mac and Windows workstations with SAN environment.
  • Metadata controllers do not need individual servers and hardware.
  • Architecture designed for enormous availability.

Crucial Features

  • A shared storage system that is scalable in capacity and performance.
  • The speediest disk rebuild time in the industry.
  • Interfaces (10GE & FC16) have a data output of above 6GB/s
  • Multi-tier configuration in SSD and HDD supported.

Shared File System Abilities

  • Defragmentation is pre-programmed.
  • Optimisation of file sequences is automated.
  • Scalable storage along with pooling.
  • Backup of data and management with optional replication.
  • Notification for each event.
  • Unlimited features:

    • >> Connection support
    • >> Capacity
    • >> Client licensing.

Technical specifications

  • Back-end interface: 4x 12Gb/s SAS ports
  • Expansion uplink/downlink: 8x12Gb/s SAS
  • System capacity: 48TB expandable to 6PB
  • RAID level support: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 and 50
  • Disk support: SSD, SAS and NL-SAS
  • Dual Intel Xeon 6-core processors
  • System cache: 96GB expandable to 128GB
  • Front-end (standard): 8x FC16 or 8x10GE
  • Front-end (optional): 16x FC16 or 16x10GE

  • Front-end interface: Mix FC or Ethernet ports
  • Power: 100V to 240V AC
  • Controller enclosure: 2U, 3.4”x17.6”x29.5”, 122 lbs.
  • Expansion enclosure: 4U, 6.9”x17.6”x19.3”, 124 lbs.
  • Operating temperature: 5 °C to 40 °C
  • Operating humidity: 10% to 90%

Dual Controller System

Front View

Rear View


Front View

Rear View