mRAID: The Next Generation of Storage Evolved

Decades of engineering, experience and feedback from users resulted in the innovative design of mRAID. Input from the world’s biggest and well-know media production organisation was taken to build mRaid. The result was a product for the coming generation that can handle the ever-evolving trails of production and broadcast.

The technology offers a platform for storage that has real-life applications. It employs hardware and software in such a manner that expansion is easy, throughput is high and latency is at the lowest. It incorporates:

  • PCIe expansion I/O ports
  • SMP-aware Linux-based RAID kernel

to meet head-on all capacity challenges and storage performances. The platform can withstand a gruelling pace that is used 24x7X365. Extreme duty cycles and deployments are part and parcel for mRAID.

Sourceit created mRAID to become an essential element of mMedia. Therefore, it is scalable in both capacity and performance all the while employing just one management interface. mRAID promises that any company can rely on it even in the severest conditions to operate impeccably.

Special Features

1. Superior Cross Flow Cooling™ Design

Hot spots and the consequent component failure are eradicated through the cooling system that guarantees that every part of the system gets same airflow. I/O system, hard drives and RAID controllers all achieve adequate cooling. It utilises less power and is more efficient in both standard and extreme conditions. The design is meant to offer good cooling headroom when working under heavy loads.

3. Progressive System Design

The architecture of mRAID has been extrapolated from the learning of all previous storage systems and servers. The present design delivers the highest output possible with least possible inactivity. The hardware and software have been integrated to generate a reliable platform that is not economically prohibitive.

2. Environmental Processing Engine™

With a robust processing power, the mRAID can transfer great quantities of data back and forth. It also has extra headroom to perform other functions like:

  • Caching routines
  • Data scrubs
  • Optimisation
  • Error checking

A new addition to mRAID is the Environmental Processing Engine which handles:

  • UPS control
  • systems indicators
  • out-of-band communications with expansion systems

This control center for the system environment is a dedicated, specialized processor that controls systems indicators, out-of-band communications with expansion systems, and UPS control.

Crucial Features

  • It is built to work with mSAN and xSAN networks to provide unbeatable performance
  • Design of the storage process is next-gen
  • Exclusive self-optimizing structure and built
  • Management suite is OS X
  • A monitoring app that can be used through iOS/iPhone
  • Reliable enterprise performance
  • Ready to use right after opening of package
  • Statistical monitoring capabilities

Key Features

  • Unmatched performance optimized for mSAN and Xsan® networks
  • Next-generation storage processor design
  • Proprietary self-optimizing architecture
  • Native Mac OS X management suite
  • iOS / iPhone™ Active Viewer monitoring app
  • Enterprise performance and reliability without enterprise complexity
  • Ready to deploy right out of the box
  • Active Storage Management Suite profiling and statistical monitoring tools

Technical Specifications

Unmatched Application Performance

  • RAID kernel and open controller design provide an unmatched level of fine-grain tuning and minimum overhead
  • Designed specifically for modern OS systems
  • Redundant pathing, multiple Fibre Channel ports and large caches guarantee maximum bandwidth
  • Controllers automatically balance load to provide highest throughput as user needs grow

Modern, High Availability

  • All components are redundant – controllers, drives, and power supplies
  • Failover and failback are truly seamless
  • Native support for Mac OS X multipathing
  • Complete support for all popular UPS systems
  • SNMP and CLI support for enterprise environments
  • Automatic parity rebuild and data integrity check
  • Battery-backed cache – guaranteed 72-hour support

Management for Today and Tomorrow

  • Apple-friendly native Mac OS X management suite
  • iOS/iPhone™ Active Viewer monitoring app
  • E-mail notification engine
  • Bonjour discoverable out of the box
  • Set up one or one hundred systems with no scripting
  • Non-disruptive software and firmware updates

RAID Support

  • RAID Levels: JBOD, 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 51, 60
  • LUN Support: Auto-configuring for performance, up to 512 LUNS
  • Drive Roaming: Full support between primary and secondary expansion systems
  • Redundant: True active/active operation with seamless failover and failback
  • Sparing: Global hot sparing
  • Online data scrubbing with online parity regeneration
  • Bad array recognition and repair
  • Full S.M.A.R.T. reporting


  • 16 drive 6Gb SATA III per primary or expansion system
  • SMP-aware designed RAID controller, 4GB cache per controller mirrored across bidirectional paths
  • Primary System Features: Active/active quad channel 8Gb Fibre Channel to SAS RAID controllers, 8 x 8Gb/s ports, dual 6Gb SAS I/O, independent management / enclosure monitoring

System Based Monitoring

  • Front: Fibre Channel activity and link per controller, drive activity and system status. RAID controller, cooling modules, system temperature, and power supplies.
  • Rear: All modules are field replaceable and have health and status indicators


  • Full per port statistics package with graphs and charts
  • Controller CPU load (percentage of idle time free)
  • Fibre Channel activity reporting
  • Fibre bit error rate
  • Fibre average throughput (MB/s)
  • Fibre IOPS
  • Cache hit ratio statistics per LUN (Volumes)
  • Average throughput per LUN (Volumes)
  • IOPS per LUN (Volumes)
  • Average throughput per LUN (MB/s)
  • Number of stripes remapped by the controller per disk

Management and Monitoring

  • Out-of-the-box support on Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6.x (Intel®), and v10.7.x
  • Guided setup assistance can be used to optimize configuration of a single system in a single location, or multiple systems in single or multiple locations 128-bit SSL security on Active Admin™ management tool
  • Support for all popular UPS systems and controls
  • Automated software update service
  • Online portal support for analysis of event log transactions
  • Non-disruptive firmware upgrades
  • Remote diagnostics and service center monitoring and analysis tool
  • Drag-and-drop configuration tool for sophisticated and complex environments
  • Proprietary performance profiling for determining future requirements

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Configurations 48TB SATA III 64TB SATA III 128TB SATA III
Overall Capacity 48TB expands to 228TB by adding mVault 64TB expands to 304TB by adding mVault 128TB expands to 608TB by adding mVault
Hard Drive Modules Hot swap 3TB 64MB cache Hot swap 4TB 64MB cache Hot swap 8TB 64MB cache
Controller Type and Spec Active Storage Design, quad 8Gb/s FC, 4GB Cache Active Storage Design, quad 8Gb/s FC, 4GB Cache Active Storage Design, quad 8Gb/s FC, 4GB Cache
Power and Cooling Redundant hot swap power and cooling Modules Redundant hot swap power and cooling Modules Redundant hot swap power and cooling Modules
Battery Back Up Included – 72hr Support Included – 72hr Support Included – 72hr Support
Rack Mounting Kit Included Included Included

*Usable capacity will vary depending on drive configuration and RAID level